Dancing Zumba

Why does Zumba dance help you lose belly fat?

Zumba is a dance exercise that is not too technically demanding, you just need to let your body moving strongly in the vibrant Latin music. Zumba dancing helps you lose belly fat effectively by the positive effects that it brings. In addition, it also helps you improve your heart, regulate muscle, balance, and flexible joints, promote energy metabolism, and love life.

 Why does Zumba dance help you lose belly fat?

Zumba dance moves have a strong influence on most organs of the body. To dance Zumba you need to flexibly move from the head, neck, eyes, shoulders, waist, thighs to skeletal muscles.

According to experts, if you want to lose weight you need to spend at least 60-90 minutes of exercise daily. To dance Zumba you need a good pair of shoes. See more here Nike shoes for Zumba dancing

1 hour of Zumba dance can cost you from 400 to 700 calories. For example, you can consume 446 calories if you weigh 70kg and 532 532 if you weigh 83kg. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose 0.45kg, so exercising 3 hours in a week, you can lose at least 0.45kg or more than 0.9kg if you dance Zumba an hour a day and eat less than 500calo 1 day to maintain weight. You will lose 0.9kg in 1 week or 3.6kg in a month, which is the fastest way but still healthy. Zumba dancing not only helps you lose weight but also helps you lose belly fat.

With the twisting, twisting, turning quickly 360 degrees, strong impact on the waist, abdomen, thereby helping you get rid of obnoxious belly fat. If you have some problems with your knees, you can buy shoes here Best Zumba shoes for bad knees

Dancing Zumba
Why does Zumba dance help you lose belly fat (Image source: Internet)

What I should do when I can’t go to Zumba classes?

Due to the Corona disease situation, you are advised to stay home, not to the dance studio? You can buy instructional discs at home, watch videos on youtube. In the absence of time, you can still lose weight slowly with 10 minutes of Zumba dance every day.

Practicing Zumba follow this Video to help you lose belly fat


For example, this video shows you how to dance Zumba in 20 minutes to lose your belly fat. If you are a newbie, you do not need to try to dance all the movements similar to the instructions in the video. Trying too hard to imitate can cause you to have a sprained leg.

So you just need to dance continuously to the video, and don’t worry if you miss a certain movement, or don’t keep up with the movements.

After a few practice sessions, it’s easy to keep up with the pace of the dance instructor.

What do I need for Zumba dancing?

When dancing Zumba you need to equip yourself with a pair of specialized shoes, spacious and cool clothes to be able to move easily.  You should buy lightweight, breathable shoes with good floor grip, as well as shock absorption to protect your feet when dancing for hours.

Zumba makes you sweat a lot, so you should drink plenty of water before and after training. You need to replenish water throughout the exercise so that your body doesn’t run out of the water and help you have enough energy to exercise. Some people just wait after the exercise is over to drink such water which is very harmful to health as well as the exercise does not work as expected.

Besides, you also should consult your doctor before practicing Zumba if you have health problems such as osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and ligament dilatation.

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